Statement by President-elect Maurice KAMTO on the occasion of the National Day, May 20, 2020

My dear compatriots,

It is in sadness and desolation that our country is marking its National Day, this 20th May 2020, riddled as it is with violent convulsions.

The current government continues to impose on the brave populations of the North-West and South-West this violent, barbaric and useless civil war, which they single-handedly started following the protest movements of November 2016, and whose tragic consequences are deplorable in many respects...

Spokesperson's press release on the illegitimate regime's Minister of Health's refusal to accept the donation from the Cameroonian citizen Maurice KAMTO

A few days ago, President-elect Maurice KAMTO, in this case in his capacity as an ordinary citizen, made a significant personal donation to the Survie-Cameroon-Survival Initiative (SCSI).

At the end of his special address at the ceremony for the offering of this donation to the chairman of the SCSI management committee, Maurice KAMTO noted with appreciation that the chairman of the SCSI Management Committee, Mr. Christian PENDA EKOKA, was ready to deliver, without delay, the donation received to the Minister of Public Health, and would immediately begin the steps in this direction once the ceremony for receiving the donation was completed. It is with amazement that Maurice KAMTO discovered, like others, the refusal by the Ministry of Health to accept the donations of SCSI for incomprehensible reasons..

Statement by Pr. Maurice Kamto on the occasion of the donation of medical and non-medical equipment to Survie-Cameroon Survival Initiative (SCSI)

Mister President of the Management Committee of Survie - Cameroon - Survival Initiative,

My Dear Christian,

As part of the national fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is engaged in our country, a fight to which every citizen must contribute, regardless of what the public authorities can do, I am pleased to support the citizen humanitarian actions of Survie- Cameroon Survival Initiative by donating to you these  medical and non-medical equipment...

Declaration on the april 21, 2020 release relating to the NGARBUH 14 february massacre: Urgency of an international independent investigation

The “audience” of April 16, 2020 granted  to the French Ambassador to Cameroon by the Presidency of the Republic was supposed to mark the return of Paul Biya on the public stage. This audience took place after we had seized the Bureau of the National Assembly in view of triggering the procedure leading to the establishment of a power vacancy at the Presidency of the Republic by the Constitutional Council...

Statement by the President-Elect Maurice KAMTO of April 3, 2020 on the failure of Mr. Paul BIYA, President de facto of the Republic of Cameroon

My dear compatriots,

The world is at war against a particularly dangerous pandemic which is not sparing our country. We are not talking about war by fashion. We are indeed plunged into a health war which kills and will probably kill more than a conventional armed conflict with the usual weapons.  But this is an even more terrible war with unknown targets and victims.  While we’re still mourning the passing of an  icon like Manu DIBANGO, there are many anonymous Cameroonians who are affected and who die from it...

War against COVID-19: Mr Paul BIYA must fully assume by himself the presidential function which he has been usurping since the electoral hold-up of October 2018

Mr Paul BIYA must fully assume by himself the presidential function which he has been usurping since the electoral hold-up of October 2018, or else the Cameroonian people will have to establish his failure and draw all the political consequences...

CRM Press Release urging the Government to call on Chinese emergency assistance and expertise in the management of the Covid-19 epidemic

In view of the real threat that the Covid-19 epidemic represents on the lives of Cameroonians and its rate of expansion in our country, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) urges the Government:

- on the one hand, to seek emergency assistance from the Chinese Government for the supply of Cameroon with a kit for Coronavirus diagnostic tests, in order to ensure consistent coverage of the country in such equipment...