CRM denounces the Conviction of the RFI correspondent of RFI Ahmed ABBA and calls for his release

Journalist Ahmed ABBA, correspondent for Radio France Internationale (Rfi) in the Haussa language in Cameroon, was sentenced on Monday 24th April 2017 by the Yaoundé Military Court to ten years in prison. He will also have to pay a fine of 55 million CFA francs.

CRM, that wishes both the independence of the judiciary in our country, does not intend here to comment on a court decision. However, beyond the decision itself, it is against the state of terror that is institutionalized in the country, in particular since the adoption of Law 2014/028 of 23 December 2014 on the repression of Acts of terrorism that it strongly arises against...

The CRM with its National Membership Expansion Caravan will hold a rally in Nkongsamba on Sunday 30th April 2017


The Cameroon Renaissance Movement would like to inform the public that, as part of its National Membership Expansion Caravan, it will hold a rally on Sunday 30th April from noon to 6PM at the Grand Stand of Nkongsamba 1 in the presence of its National President Maurice KAMTO and members of the National Directorate.

The meeting, duly declared as prescribed by Law under reference N° 36/ C1.06/BAAJP/RAMP/ from the NKONGSAMBA SDO, is the result of membership expansion activities in the area.

CRM Communication Team.

Press Release: CRM welcomes at last the United Nations' attention to the continuing Anglophone crisis, which is jeopardizing peace and stability of our country

Visit and declaration of the special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Central Africa in Yaounde and encouragement of the government and the new legitimate Anglophone leaders for more efforts to stop  the crisis.

Following the visit of Ambassador François LOUNCÉNY FALL, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Central Africa, on the crisis in the anglophone Northwest and South-West Regions of Cameroon and his statement at the press conference held in Yaoundé on 12 April, CRM welcomes at last the United Nations' attention to this continuing crisis, which is jeopardizing peace and stability of our country....

Press Conference: CRM and the people of cameroon say NO to electoral shift in elections expected in 2018!

More than a year ago, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has publicly alerted the national and international opinion on the government plan of shifting the electoral calendar.

During my address to Cameroonians in December 2016, I was still warning against the Government's intention to shift the electoral calendar. I asserted:

"The year 2017 is the last turn before the crucial electoral year of 2018. The year 2018 will see the organization of senatorial election in April, legislative and municipal elections in September and presidential election in October. To these elections, one could add, if the electoral calendar was not considered a state secret by the power, regional elections. This very busy schedule calls for rigorous government organization and planning in terms of both financial resources and project management. Without attributing any intention whatsoever to the Government, the CRM considers that it is very important to maintain the electoral calendar. It will reject, with utmost energy, any change of this calendar for any reason whatsoever. Neither the war against Boko Haram in May 2014, nor the instrumentalization of a possible electoral reform at the last moment, nor budgetary issues will justify such a shift against which the CRM warned the Government one year ago. The Government must therefore implement everything during this year 2017, in order to settle details of all kinds for the successful preparation and organization of all the elections scheduled for 2018.".

Press Conference - Crisis in the Anglophone regions: The disconcerting wait and see attitude of the international community

Crisis in the Anglophone regions: The disconcerting wait and see attitude of the international community

Ladies and gentlemen,

For about five months, the Northwest and Southwestern Regions of Cameroon have been experiencing a crisis that has grown steadily and has reached an unprecedented level of severity since the reunification of our country in 1961. From the corporatist demands of the lawyers and the English-speaking teachers' union at the outset, it became a deep political crisis due to poor government handling and exacerbation of the frustrations of anglophone Cameroonians. Because they feel uncomfortable in the Nation, for many reasons, many of our compatriots in the regions in question are asking for a return to federalism in its 1961 form.

Crisis in Anglophone regions - CRM Calls for patriotism and the sense of republican responsibilities.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement deeply regrets the failure of the laborious discussions painfully started between the Government and Anglophone leaders in the current crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. This failure, that culminated on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, in the ban of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC) and the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), and the adoption by the spokesman of the Government of a warlike tone, dreads a rise in violence in these two regions of our country. Indeed, the new posture of the Government poses a real risk to peace and national unity.

On the other hand, the agitation of the spectre of secession does not create a climate conducive to dialogue. For reasons related to our national history that we must never forget, everyone knows that the secessionist option is simply unacceptable. The claim of federalism is presented in confusion with this idea of secession. I am convinced that a large majority of Anglophone and francophone Cameroonians who are silent  will not be in favour of a pure return of our country to the situation of 1961; A people, a nation, does not write its history backwards. Nevertheless, I think it is good, in an effervescent and evanescent context like the one that prevails at the moment, to agree that various options be on the dialogue table...

2016 End of year Message of the National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM)

Fellow cameroonians,

My dear compatriots from within and from the Diaspora,
The year that is finishing was full of events that saddened our people. It was a year of trials in terms of safety and security of Cameroonian citizens, as well as of our living-together and of the future of our nation-state, like the Anglophone problem that shows up in a worrying way. Moreover, this end of 2016 marks a new regressive turning point in the economic and social situation of our country.
On the Anglophone problem

The year 2016 ended with tragic violence in the North-West and South-West Regions. In addition to rapes, torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of confuse young girls hunted down in the slums called student rooms in Buea, massacres of revolted but unarmed populations particularly in Bamenda and Kumba. We have condemned, and strongly condemn again, this unacceptable behaviour because nothing can justify such criminal acts from a Government whose primary mission is to protect people, to hear out their complaints and respond to their grievances...