Call for the immediate and unconditional release of Ms. KAH WALLA, National Chairman of CPP, and her political comrades currently detained by the Police

CRM has been informed of the arrest this afternoon of Friday, October 28th, 2016 of  madam President of CPP, KAH WALLA, and some members of her party by the national Police for expressing political opinions.

CRM  sent envoys to  Central police station No. 1 in Yaounde where they are abusively detained, but they were not allowed to meet them.

CRM condemns  intimidation maneuvers which the CPDM regime  always have recourse to  trying to stifle freedom of expression and of opinons yet provided for by  the Constitution of our country...

Meet Maurice Kamto in London - The Agenda

Monday 29 June: Arrival and installation of the delegation
On this day, only CRM activist great and welcome the delegation before the retire in their respective quarters.

Tuesday 30th June: Press day
This day has been reserved for the press. Media lined up include the BBC, Vox Africa, and own Cameroon gazette.

Wednesday 1st July: Cameroon High Commission
The Prof and his delegation will meet His Excellency Nkwelle Ekaney at the high commission in Holland Park

Thursday 2nd July: Palace of Westminster
Meeting with British MP and representatives from the commonwealth.

Friday 03rd July:  Meetings with the Cameronian Diaspora

The venue for this meeting will be help at the Capital East Business Suite at ExCel-London. There are two meetings planed. A Lunchtime meeting with the heads of Cameroonian groups in the UK and an meeting gathering for all sympathisers of change in our beloved country.

Saturday 04th July: Departure
The delegation returns to Cameroon.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement aims to be transparent and open. Anyone who wishes to travel to London and meet Prof Kamto is welcome to get in touch. If accommodation is an issue, the current UK representative of the CRM is - amongst other things - a landlord. He will be more than happy to accommodate you - bed and breakfast - for FREE.

Please note that spaces for meeting and the FREE accomodation are limited, therefore request your place ASAP. An email with your name and contact number and someone will be in touch.