About the distress of thousands of Cameroonian victims of the scam of the MIDA

For almost two (02) weeks, the national news is driven by a shocking issue of swindle, mingled with bluster. Never has a case affecting the savings of Cameroonians in general and young people in particular had such an extensive coverage. And there is cause for alarm; it affects no less than 11,835 subscribers (associations and individuals) and covers an amount of 12,798,825,000 FCFA

132nd International Labor Day: President Maurice KAMTO addresses the Workers of Cameroon

Dear working friends, my dear compatriots,
This Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, the 132nd International Labour Day is celebrated. It is placed this year under the theme: “Social dialogue: a factor promoting decent work and socio-economic progress in Cameroon.”.

2nd Convention of the CRM: General policy statement of Maurice KAMTO

Dear Comrade Delegates to the Convention, dear Guests, my dear Friends!

Allow me first of all to extend a warm welcome to all of you to our Convention which should have been held in November 2017, but which, for reasons related to the general situation of the country, has been postponed. I greet the comrades who came from the 360 municipalities, the 58 divisions and the ten regions of our country, some of whom have made a very long journey to take part in this Convention. It is the proof that they believe in the unity of our people and that they are ready to sacrifice themselves so that our country remains standing, is reconciled with its daughters and sons of all the regions. Your only massive presence in this large room of the Congress Hall testifies to our common desire to build our Nation and live together in peace and harmony. Nothing and no one should make us doubt this desire...

CRM Press releases on the drama of the public school of Ekoudou, the death of Mr. Jean NGA MVONDO and the organized escape of Mr. Basile ATANGANA KOUNA

The CRM has learnt with dismay of the tragedy at Ekoudou Public School, following a scramble that occurred as students sought to enter a room where a performance was taking place. This jostling has caused many casualties. The provisional death toll stands at five (05), with about fifty (50) children admitted to hospital emergency rooms....

Press conference of President Maurice KAMTO on the ongoing civil war in the North-West and South-West regions and on the assault of the Vice-President of the CRM, Barrister Emmanuel SIMH, by hooded individuals

Long before the Government opted for deterioration in the Anglophone crisis, which today degenerated into civil war, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement had asserted that secession is a dead end and indicated the urgency for the power to start a national dialogue on the Anglophone claims and other country’s political and social situation...

Declaration on arbitrary arrests, torture of teachers and the complete disregard of the CPDM Regime for Education

The  Cameroon   Renaissance M ovement (MRC) was informed last Tuesday, 27th February  2018, the prohibition of a peaceful demonstration of the New Group of Indignant Teachers (NCEI), followed by the arrest and detention of its members in various police units in Yaoundé...

The CRM announces that he will hold its second Convention at the Congress Center in Yaounde

It is brought to the attention of the national and international press, that the CAMEROON RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT CAMEROON (CRM) will hold its second CONVENTION from 13 to 15 April 2018 at the Congress Center  in Yaounde.

The CRM DIRECTORY has taken all the relevant measures in accordance with the administrative authority, in accordance with the Law.

It should be noted that the CONVENTION is one of the governing bodies of the CRM, a political party founded in 2012.

The National Secretary in charge of Communication,

Sosthène Médard LIPOT