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End-of-year 2019 message from the elected and legitimate President Maurice KAMTO

Fellow Cameroonians;

My dear compatriots;

Here we are at the end of 2019, a year that saw a series of serious political, security, humanitarian and economic events.

In my end-of-year 2018 message, I painted a grim picture of the general situation in our country and I sincerely hoped that it would improve in 2019...

CRM declaration on the legislative and municipal elections of february 9th, 2020

Less than a year after its creation in August 2012, the CRM took part in the twin legislative and municipal elections held on September 30th, 2013. These elections were marked by savage and barbaric frauds orchestrated by the CPDM, the party in power, in coaction with the electoral body, ELECAM, the Territorial Administration and the various State services. In practice, it proved that the Electoral Code of December 2012 is tailor-made to allow the current regime to rig the elections and cling to power...

Statement by the CRM following the communiqué announcing “the discontinuance of pending proceedings before military courts against some officials and militants of political parties, in particular the CRM” and the General Report on the Major National Dialo

Just as the ruling power has announced “the discontinuation of pending prosecutions before the Military Courts, against some leaders and militants of political parties and in particular the Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM), our first thought goes to our allies, comrades and sympathisers who have suffered the worst treatment with serious attacks on their dignity, were savagely tortured after being arbitrarily arrested and illegally imprisoned, some for more than 8 months. We are particularly thinking of our friend, our brother in arms, the 1st Vice-President Mamadou YAKOUBA MOTA...

CRM Memorandum for the Prime Minister, in the framework of consultations for the major national dialogue announced on September 10th, 2019

We have taken note of the"Provisional Planning" of the consultations established by the Prime Minister, Head of Government for the announced Major National Dialogue. It appears that the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) would be consulted on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at 11 am...

Press release by President-elect Maurice KAMTO's spokesperson on the supposed Swearing-in Ceremony in Paris

The President-elect Maurice KAMTO has in no way planned, envisaged, endorsed, or implicitly or tacitly encouraged the organisation of any "Swearing-in Ceremony" and the appointment of a "Counter-Government" on 12th October 2019 in Paris.

Press release by President-elect Maurice KAMTO's spokesperson on informal fund-raising

The Public is hereby informed that neither the President-elect Maurice KAMTO, nor the CRM (Cameroon Renaissance Movement), his party, has not expressly or impliedly authorized any person to raise funds, either on their behalf or in favour of the Peaceful Citizen Resistance...

Warning to national and international opinion on the worrying situation of Cameroon

At a time when the entire world is urging Cameroonian leadership to have an inclusive dialogue without preconditions, in order to give peace and national reconciliation a chance in our country, facing civil war and serious threats of implosion, the regime of BIYA is still obstinate with its approach of monopolizing the political field with totalitarian aims, giving a deaf ear to the plural expression of the different sociodemographic sensitivities of the country. The only effect to this approach will be the exacerbation of socio-political tensions and radicalizing the positions at the antipodes of the appeasement being sought. This approach was recently illustrated by our arbitrary arrest and detention, together with our supporters, on January 28, 2019, at the end of the peaceful marches organized by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) on 26 January 2019 in some cities of Cameroon, and we were accused on false grounds including insurrection, rebellion, hostility to the homeland, the destruction of public property at the national level and in some Cameroonian embassies abroad, among others, for which authorities are unable to provide any evidence so far...