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Press conference of Maurice KAMTO: Abuses, arbitrary executions and lie of state: The Minister of Defense, Paul Biya, the Army Chief of staff and the Israeli instructors of the BIR must explain!

Last June-July circulated on social networks, the unsustainable executions of two women and, horror of horrors, of their very young children, including a baby that his mother was carrying in her back , in pure tradition of our African moms. The first female victim of the firing squad, which can be seen in red on the pictures, was ZOUMTEGUI NDOMOKO. The second was called KELOU MANATSAD. The two women were killed by Cameroonian soldiers in April 2014. They were buried with their babies at the base of a mountain called "Vizi Kolor Vegabi"...

Declaration of Maurice KAMTO on floods in Douala, Maroua and Limbe

I was informed with a lot of sadness and deep dismay of the multiple floods that hit the country especially in Douala, Limbé and Maroua during the night of 24th to 25th July 2018.

Those floods have caused the death of at least 6 people in Limbé, the death of a 9 months old baby swept away by water in Douala and important material damages estimated in several hundred millions FCFA francs in Limbé as well as in Douala and the destruction of 700 houses in Maroua, that consequently left thousands homeless and concerns on the economic activities in the whole region...

Declaration on the message of terror sent to Cameroonians from Maroua by Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, several ministers, and administrative authorities in the event of Biya’s defeat on october 07th

On Saturday, 14 July 2018, in Maroua, Mr CAVAYE YEGUIE Djibril, President of the National Assembly, third State personality and member of the political bureau of Mr BIYA’s party has, at the head of a horde of thugs decked out in the CPDM  outfits with the effigies of candidate BIYA and under the plaudits of the Ministers of the Republic and other organic elites from the Far North, State representatives and the defence and security forces, cheerfully proceeded, before the cameras, like under the NAZI REGIME, to the burning of CRM T-shirts and placards...

Visit to the refugee camp in Moria on the Lesvos island and Athens in Greece by Maurice KAMTO

On the occasion of International Refugee Day, which was celebrated on June 21, 2018, the CRM President paid a visit to Cameroonian and African refugees in a camp in Greece. With this gesture, he wanted to get a feel of the everyday reality of these compatriots in search of an uncertain happiness, far from their native country...

CRM statement on the announced postponement of legislative, and may be municipal elections

In a premonitory declaration of 2017 entitled "CRM and the people of Cameroon say NO to electoral shift in elections expected in 2018!", in which I quoted a passage from my address to Cameroonians of December 29, 2016, I said: “The year 2017 is the last turn before the crucial electoral year of 2018. Indeed, the year 2018 will see the organisation of senatorial election in April, legislative and municipal elections in September and presidential election in October. To these elections, one could add, if the electoral calendar was not considered a state secret by the power, regional elections...

The Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan for the North-West and South-West Regions. 2018-2019: A diplomatico-humanitarian staging that betrays the double language of the Government and its stubbornness in the war option

On June 20, 2018, the Government released an Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan for the North-West and South-West Regions. 2018-2019. This document is presented as a response to the socio-political crisis that has shaken the two English-speaking regions of our country for almost two years

Message of Maurice KAMTO to Cameroonian Migrants in Athens and Rome on the occasion of the world migrant day

Dear brothers and sisters, My dear compatriots,

I come straight from Cameroon, on the occasion of the World Day of Refugees that we commemorate today, June 20, while in our country we seem to ignore your existence. Who is talking about your massive presence here in the Greek islands and other places in this country, in Europe, in North Africa, in Nigeria, where a fratricidal conflict has forced many of our English-speaking compatriots to seek refuge?