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Declaration on the political responsiblity of Mr. Emmanuel SADI, self-proclaimed heir apparent to President BIYA, about the death of our militant Thomas YIMAFFO also known as "Pere THOM"

Declaration on the political responsiblity of Mr. Emmanuel SADI, self-proclaimed heir apparent to President BIYA, the moral guilt of sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1 and of madam President of the Lom and Djerem high court about the death of our militant Thomas YIMAFFO also known as "Pere THOM".

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, Comrade THOMAS YIMAFFO who, along with three other comrades were victims of a traffic accident two kilometres to Ayos, Thursday, April 28th, 2016 finally passed away after bravely fighting against death for nearly two weeks...

Declaration on the banned meeting and the humiliations undergone by the MRC in Bertoua

After the  illegal, discriminatory and politically assumed double decision  by the sub-divisional officer of  Bertoua 1 prohibiting the holding of the CRM rally on April 23rd and April 30th, 2016, the meeting with the  Minister of Territorial Administration and decentralization (MINATD) at the price of humiliation in front of cameras Monday, April 24th, 2016 and last Friday, April 29th  at 16.30pm  the National President of the Party, Prof. Maurice KAMTO, and Executive Board members were summoned to MINATD for the final decision of the  Government on the planned meeting the next day, April 30th at more than 300 km from Yaoundé.

After this courtesy meeting, Mr. René Emmanuel Sadi, MINATD, has, despite his diplomatic skills, hinted that he was receiving CRM leaders, less as a representative of the State, and therefore guarantor of international commitments of Cameroon, the Constitution and Law No. 55/90 of 19 December 1990 governing public meetings and manifestations, but more as the former Secretary General of the CPDM and yet to be disclosed candidate to the highest office....

Message of year end 2015 of Maurice KAMTO to cameroonians


My dear compatriots from the inside and the Diaspora,

It is with the same pleasure that I submit to what has now become a tradition: to speak to you in this New Year's Eve, so that together we review the past year to better prepare the future of our country.

The past year has not been easy in terms of security. It was rich, sometimes challenging politically. But it was also challenging for us on the economic, social and cultural aspects.

On the security front, 2015 was marked mainly by continued barbaric acts of the criminals of the terrorist sect Boko Haram on our border with Nigeria and in several towns and villages in the Far North region including Maroua and especially the martyr city of Kolofata, and other crimes by armed groups in the border with the Central African Republic. Involved in a war we did not cause, we are fighting with determination these terrorist groups that cause death in many Cameroonian families and destabilize the lifestyle of our people.

Meet Maurice Kamto in London - The Agenda

Monday 29 June: Arrival and installation of the delegation
On this day, only CRM activist great and welcome the delegation before the retire in their respective quarters.

Tuesday 30th June: Press day
This day has been reserved for the press. Media lined up include the BBC, Vox Africa, and own Cameroon gazette.

Wednesday 1st July: Cameroon High Commission
The Prof and his delegation will meet His Excellency Nkwelle Ekaney at the high commission in Holland Park

Thursday 2nd July: Palace of Westminster
Meeting with British MP and representatives from the commonwealth.

Friday 03rd July:  Meetings with the Cameronian Diaspora

The venue for this meeting will be help at the Capital East Business Suite at ExCel-London. There are two meetings planed. A Lunchtime meeting with the heads of Cameroonian groups in the UK and an meeting gathering for all sympathisers of change in our beloved country.

Saturday 04th July: Departure
The delegation returns to Cameroon.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement aims to be transparent and open. Anyone who wishes to travel to London and meet Prof Kamto is welcome to get in touch. If accommodation is an issue, the current UK representative of the CRM is - amongst other things - a landlord. He will be more than happy to accommodate you - bed and breakfast - for FREE.

Please note that spaces for meeting and the FREE accomodation are limited, therefore request your place ASAP. An email with your name and contact number and someone will be in touch.

An address by Maurice KAMTO on the occasion marking the celebration of the National Day, 20th may, 2015

My dear compatriots,

The celebration of the national day gives us an opportunity to reflect on its deeper meaning and revisit the path Cameroon has embarked on for several years now. This is not simply another moment for frivolous festivities, but the time where a nation provides an update on his condition and exhibits his technological prowess that reassures its citizens worldwide and giving a message to others. Instead, we have been lagging behind years after years on the unique artery that cuts the national capital into two, obsolete equipment acquired at the price of gold and repainted in a hurry for the occasion.

We must ask ourselves: what happening to Cameroon? What makes us Cameroonians that we succumb so fast to the propaganda which is inundates, and we accept everything, including the unacceptable?


End of year 2014 message by the National Chairman of the CRM

Cameroonians, My dear compatriots from the inside and the Diaspora,

Like last year, it is with the same sense of deep respect that I speak to you at this time of the year; a time when each of us legitimately aspires to share with family and friends a moment of joy, after a year full of events and emotions. This is probably a good time to take stock of what our country has experienced during this outgoing year.

The year 2014 was a difficult year in all sectors of national life:

  • the rising prices of fuel has increased poverty in the most disfavored sectors of our population by inflation of food prices in our markets; if the Government does not realize this, our mothers, do feel it and suffer in silence in our villages and neighborhoods of our cities; I have also noted that the price of crude oil has fallen by more than 40% in the international market, but there is no impact on the price of fuel in the fuel pump in our country.
  • the pressure on the treasury of the state has resulted in many unpaid, or significant delays in payment of debts of the State vis-à-vis businesses and individuals;
  • the persistent confusion in the leadership of our football and disgraceful performance of our Indomitable Lions at the World Cup finals disappointed and accentuated the gloom of a people so attached to her national team and the king-sport;
  • the public freedom has been threatened by various violations, including extrajudicial kidnappings, the pursuit of three journalists before a military court and the publishing of a law which, under the guise of combating terrorism in our country, opens the way to political crime and repression for short...

Déclaration officielle du MRC suite à l'augmentation du prix des carburants du 30 juin 2014

Le Gouvernement vient d’annoncer par un communiqué de presse, rendu public le 30 juillet 2014, l’augmentation substantielle du prix des carburants de la manière suivante :

  • Le litre de super passe de 569 CFA à 650 FCA, soit une augmentation  de 81 CFA en valeur réel et 14, 25% en valeur relative;
  • Le litre de gasoil passe de 520 FCFA à 600 FCFA, soit une augmentation de 80 frs CFA en valeur réelle et 15,38% en valeur relative;
  • La bouteille de gaz de 12,5 Kg passe de 6000 FCFA à 6 500 FCFA, soit une augmentation de 500 FCFA en valeur réelle et 8,33% en valeur relative.

Le Gouvernement justifie cette hausse des prix par «  la nécessité de prendre en compte l’augmentation continue des cours du pétrole sur le marché international et de réduire  la charge toujours plus forte sur le budget de l’Etat de la subvention du prix du carburant qui prive la communauté nationale des ressources nécessaires à la réalisation de nombreux projets sociaux, éducatifs et infrastructurels »...