The Cameroon Renaissance Movement sets as its main objective to bring together all Cameroonians, in their rich diversity, irrespective of their origin, sex or religion, in order to build a modern, free and democratic nation, resolutely committed in a dynamics which makes it possible to answer the fundamental aspirations of our fellow-citizens for a society of freedom in peace, of progress by work, justice and solidarity.

Cameroon Renaissance Movement: Two words: Movement and Renaissance, which summarize the direction of a political commitment, a concept of the State and public affairs, a vision of the Cameroonian society and a project for a national destiny.

Party of progress: carried by the breath of the history of Cameroon, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement intends to carry out a permanent mobilization of the whole of living strength of the Nation in order to carry out the inexorable walk of Cameroon towards its development and full blooming of its population by science and technology.

Party of the Rebirth: The Cameroon Renaissance Movement believes, in the creativeness of the social forces, the dynamism of the Cameroonian populations as the engine of the political struggle and the principal agent of the transformation of the society, and in the commitment of the people mobilized like a pillar of the main roads of security and national defense.

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