Spokesperson's press release on the illegitimate regime's Minister of Health's refusal to accept the donation from the Cameroonian citizen Maurice KAMTO

A few days ago, President-elect Maurice KAMTO, in this case in his capacity as an ordinary citizen, made a significant personal donation to the Survie-Cameroon-Survival Initiative (SCSI).

At the end of his special address at the ceremony for the offering of this donation to the chairman of the SCSI management committee, Maurice KAMTO noted with appreciation that the chairman of the SCSI Management Committee, Mr. Christian PENDA EKOKA, was ready to deliver, without delay, the donation received to the Minister of Public Health, and would immediately begin the steps in this direction once the ceremony for receiving the donation was completed. It is with amazement that Maurice KAMTO discovered, like others, the refusal by the Ministry of Health to accept the donations of SCSI for incomprehensible reasons.

However, such donations are particularly useful for health-care workers in the country. "The hospital that mocks charity," as the saying goes.

The Office of Maurice KAMTO ‘s spokesperson wishes to inform the public that the attitude of the Minister of Health  is, of course, a serious moral and political fault, especially in view of the expansion of the pandemic in our country, the distress of the population and especially of the health personnel paying a heavy price on the front of the fight against Covid-19. However, this anti-republican attitude cannot, and should not in any way give rise to any hateful, abject personal attacks directed against the Minister of Public Health, Mr. MANAOUDA Malachie, whether on an ethnic or tribal basis, or on any other basis contrary to the rules of a Republican public debate.  

It is established that false profiles have been used to carry out such intolerable attacks with the aim of falsely claiming responsibility for them to the Peaceful National Resistance and its leader, President-elect Maurice KAMTO. Such a shameless manoeuvre, led by workshops that had already been seen at work during the campaign for the Presidential election of 2018, will not prosper, because the Cameroonian people is not fooled. Indeed, the same had used identical methods to propagate an unworthy lie that Maurice KAMTO once refused to go to teach in the north of Cameroon because he does not teach the "sheep", but he was one of those who opened the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the University of Ngaoundere.

It was therefore a gross lie; for Professor Maurice KAMTO lived in Ngaoundéré and taught at that university from 1993 to 1995. Much more, he never treated his compatriots, brothers and Sisters of the North as " sheep ". How could he, whose deep and sincere love for all Cameroonians is known ? The students he helped train in Ngaoundéré are in various positions, sometimes very high in our country, and he is very proud of them. Individuals motivated by blind hatred spread this lie with the sole purpose of discrediting Maurice KAMTO by unfairly covering him with reproach. It's a wasted effort.

The spokesman therefore wants to call to vigilance all those who claim the cause defended by the president-elect Maurice KAMTO, the activists of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), the sympathizers, not to fall into this drift where agents remunerated by the illegitimate regime want to trap them. Attacks of a tribal, religious, or personal privacy nature are unacceptable and in no way fall within the ethics of Maurice KAMTO or the CRM. They are clearly in opposition to the Republican ideals promoted, defended and embodied in his daily actions, by President-elect Maurice KAMTO.

The illegitimate regime that hides behind such manoeuvres, based on hate speech, therefore hopes :

- Drown its incompetence, shortcomings and weaknesses in the response to Covid-19 and portray, against all odds, President-elect Maurice KAMTO, as the main problem of the country, including with regard to the fight against this pandemic; 

- Undermine the initiatives and actions put in place by The Citizen Maurice KAMTO with a view to actively contributing to the national solidarity response against Covid-19;

- To distract public opinion following the scandalous overcharges observed in totally opaque public procurement contracts awarded in particular by the Ministry of Public Health as part of the anti-Covid-19 response. 

- Hide the fact that, just a few hours ago, a mood movement of the EIR (Rapid Intervention Teams) of the MINHEALTH unveiled that these workers had not been paid. As EIR are the first health barrier of personnel in charge of screening for suspected cases of Covid-19, it is absolutely inconceivable that they should be neglected where funds are the least lacking. 

- Overshadow the persistence of an absurd conflict created and maintained by the illegitimate regime in the NoSo, and make forget in particular the fiasco of the state lie discovered about the Ngarbuh massacre;

- To silence the absurdity of the decision to allow the opening of bars and nightclubs without limitation in time, which constitutes a real disarm of vigilance towards Covid-19 with potentially catastrophic consequences. The unspeakable goal is to divert Cameroonians from political, economic, social and security problems of the country by drowning them in alcohol, in addition to the prospect of contracting the deadly coronavirus;

- To conceal the contradiction between this authorization to open drinking outlets and other places of night relaxation where compact crowds gather without respect for any barrier measures, and the decision to cancel the official celebration of the national day of 20 May 2020 which there is therefore reason to think that it has the sole purpose of covering the disappearance from the public space and the view of Cameroonians, of the de facto Head of State in. So that there is reason to ask : What is thus sought to hide from Cameroonians ?

Despite this lame and convoluted approach, no one in this illegitimate regime will forget the real discomfort of the poor medical staff in this period of health crisis. Although we will have to defend ourselves within the illegitimate regime of Yaoundé, the fact is that coherence is what is missing most in its "anti Covid-19 strategy". Thus, while an inclusive national approach is applied in other countries with a view to providing an appropriate and effective response to the Covid-19 before considering "deconfinement", our illegitimate regime opts for division and disunity. 

This is all  the more shocking as the state coffers are almost empty, looted on the occasion of the messy organization of an AFCON 2019 having finally never taken place in our country. Cameroon is thus reduced to expedients, to ask companies to make donations in cash rather than in kind, to rush to the World Bank, the IMF and some bilateral partners to ask for lifebuoys. It is a sad irony for a regime that makes Cameroonians believe that it defends national sovereignty, while it is flat in front of the slightest foreign donor. 

The cabal hastily mounted under false banners by the illegitimate regime that wants to tarnish by all means the image of the political opponent, certainly, but pugnacious, effective and far-sighted Republican that is President-elect Maurice KAMTO, are doomed to failure. 

The illegitimate regime would do better to take care of the country's problems instead of taking care of counting the number of bats in the sky while on Earth Cameroonians succumb to Covid - 19 whose pace of spread legitimately makes them fear the worst.

Yaoundé, May 4th, 2020
The spokesperson