One of the major questions for a political party is that of its ideological positioning. Although it does not constitute an essential concern for the base of the party, it is about a crucial question which is of nature has to create divisions within the party or to constitute an obstacle with the regrouping and has the fusion of the political forces so much desired by our people. It is advisable to approach it without prejudice no, and in the light of the history of the ideas and realities of the world of today.

It is so convenient nowadays to say that one is of left or right-hand side. These concepts have a major significance dependent on the own history of the countries or they were born. They do not return to historical realities and do not cover the same contents in France, in Germany, in the United Kingdom, in Russia or in the United States, not to vote that some important countries having use tradition of cleavage Left-Right-hand side. Which tradition do we have to adopt if as well is as it is necessary to fall under these traditions of ideological cleavage? And why should we assert the historical and ideological heritage of such or such people whereas we do not have the same history? The question is moreover more complicated in the case of the Cameroon who has a double colonial history, the British’ and the French’. However, neither the line, nor the lefts British and Frenchwoman are the product of the same history, just as these concepts do not have the same ideological contents exactly.

From the ideological point of view precisely, the left right opposition was born from philosophical designs politico conflict and extremes of the social reports dominated by the class struggle. But it was noted that the French left remained marked by its communist origins, less better prepared, to adapt in a world dominated by the economic liberalism and marks in corner by the failure of Communism, however that the British left who however has also a strong tradition of social struggle or the German left wing which cannot be unaware of the Marxist thought is shown more suited has to adapt in this world. The lefts of the countries of Northern Europe have for their part invents social the democracy. As for the United States, the left is represented there by the Democratic Party which corresponds ideologically so that one calls in Europe the Centrists and not even not...

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